The Hills Rockslinger® yard stocks sand, soil, gravel and mulch. As long as the product meets the size requirements (75mm particle size or under) we are most likely able to install it. If you have a special request, let us know.

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Yes, the Rockslinger® trucks and machines can load and spread a wide range of products. Customers have the option of product supply from our Rockslinger® yard, or supply from your preferred material supplier. Generally, the slinger can install product up to 75mm in size, from sand sized particles, to pebbles and aggregates.

Yes, the Rockslinger® machines can install site soil if it is graded. We send a Project Estimator to any site before the project starts, to ensure that site soil, access and time frame are confirmed.

A Rockslinger® is the trademarked term for a High Speed Conveyor Application System.  Other commonly used terms are “slinger” or “stone slinger”. The machine spreads sand, soil and gravel at a fast rate from the truck’s bin via a high speed conveyor belt, applying the product to site. The Rockslinger® machinery can carefully apply product along trenches to fill them, or can broadcast product in an arc like shape with a movable arm for bio-retention basins, leveling land, or stabilising batters.

The arm on the slinger has a 5 metre reach, and can spread up to 30 metres away from where the truck or machine (if it’s our All-Terrain slinger) can park. A clear line of sight is needed, but the product can be placed over walls or ditches to the area it needs to go.

The Hills Rockslinger® fleet services Australia; however there are minimum order requirements in some areas. Call us and ask – 02 9654 2288.