Landscaping – save your back

Fence in the way, no problem! Need that stockpile just a little closer, you got it!

Where most other Landscape supply companies reach their limits, our Rockslinger trucks excel and provide a unique but effective option for supply, delivery and installation of a range of landscape and building materials.

The 16 foot conveyor arm attached to the rear of our machinery has the ability to convey and place your desired material up to 40 metres from the trucks location. With a 230-degree swing range, as well as an incline of up to 40 degrees, our machinery has the ability to place material over obstacles such as footpaths, fences, gates and retaining walls, as well as being able to propel the product to substantial distances within line of sight.

The above picture shows how easily our equipment can supply and install Turf Underlay for a soon to be front lawn area. No need for a stockpile or bobcat, simply allow us to place the material evenly at the desired depth, ready for final leveling.