Renewable Energy Installations

Our Rockslinger machines assist in providing an extremely efficient and cost-effective option for Renewable Energy installations. The Hills Rockslinger operations are experienced at installation projects for Wind Farms and Solar Farms. This unique machinery is perfect for projects that require both back filling of trenches and broadcast applications for material spreading at a rate of 1 tonne per minute.

The Rockslinger fleet is a perfect option for large civil and pipeline projects where time is of the essence and productivity needs to be maintained at an optimum level.

Capable of installing basically any material less than 75mm in diameter, these trucks are the perfect option for this type of application which can quite often require up to two or more specified layers of aggregate, sand and general backfill. The high speed conveyors are also capable of

Our sophisticated and versatile machinery allows us to install accurately to desired depths and not only that, but efficiently unload and install material at desired depths while the plant is moving. There is the added ability to increase or decrease the flow rate from the hopper during application.