Tank Installation

Where time is of the essence and productivity must be kept at an optimum rate, our Rockslinger machinery is the perfect answer to back filling large excavations accurately and efficiently.

The main component for any petrol station is the fuel supply itself which is stored safely underground in specialised fuel tanks. These tanks are positioned strategically underneath the fuel station itself and are required to be 100% stable at all times once anchored into place. This is done by encasing the tanks and surrounding excavation with specified aggregate material.

Quite often requiring literally hundreds of tonnes of material, our trucks are fast becoming the preferred method for installing this aggregate into place.

The Hills Rockslinger can install Blue Metal 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm Blue Metal quickly and efficiently. Fuel tank renovations and installations are high specification and time sensitive projects. The Rockslinger can be loaded on site for maximum production, spreading hundreds of tonnes of product each day directly where it needs to go.
As the largest Slinger truck fleet in Australian, the Rockslinger trucks have assisted in many Fuel Tank Installations across NSW.
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Manly Fuel Tank Installation

Manly BP Station Pittwater Rd